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Moment of Destiny

Reviewer Summary



I will use this page to create a summary for Reviewers to quickly grasp how this game works.



Players will play supernatural creatures that will determine the fate of the remote village of Prokletiya in a fantastic land.

First the Character cards are shuffled and two are given to each player. Each card has four characters on them. Only one of those characters will be shared in common, That is the character they play.

The game is played in four Acts, each act consisting of one or more Scenes. Scenes are set by Spotlight players one at a time.

The player to the left of the dealer is the first Spotlight character.

Spotlight players play a Scene card and incorporate the Scene card and the Spotlight term from the Scene card into a new scene.

Other players can join the scene, if they do, they incorporate their character, the Scene card and the term on the Scene card into the new scene.

Play continues until there is a Conflict.

To resolve a conflict, each player with a character in the Scene plays a Resolution card.

Resolution cards are resolved in order from low to high.

These cards contain instructions for the player to narrate something new into the Scene.

These cards will determine who wins and/or loses in the Scene.

They will also determine who Narrates.

The Resolution cards played determine if the Scene ends or not.

The Resolution cards played determine if the Act ends or not.

The lowest played Resolution card is given to the player of the highest Resolution card. This continues until all Resolution cards are returned to someone's hand.


Act Flow:


Scene Flow:



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