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1 () Bruised

2 () Bruised

3 () Bruised

4 () Bloodied

5 () Bloodied

6 () Broken


XPs: 24


Name: Kaliess  (KUH-LEE-ESS)


Species: Human


Culture: Khale



Appearance: middle-eastern (think Sahib from Lost)
Kaliess and his tribe were conquered and taken into slavery by the Ammenite House Lee.   His life and those of his family were
spared because of his renown as a sword-smith; they became slaves for the house.
After a time, his wife and son were brutalized. Kaliess escaped and vows to avenge his family against House Lee. He has a brand of a circle on the back of each hand that will always remind him of his enslavement. 
  • Vigor: 4 - Spent -  0
  • Instinct: 4 - Spent - 0
  • Reason: 4 - Spent - 0



  • Key of Vengeance (House Lee)
    Your character has a hatred for a particular organization, person, or even species or culture.
    • Gain 1 XP every time your character hurts a member of that group or a lackey of that person.
    • Gain 2 XP every time your character strikes a minor blow at that group or person (killing a member of the organization or one of the person's lackeys, disrupting their life, destroying their property).
    • Gain 5 XP every time your character strikes a major blow at that group or person.
    • Buyoff: Let your enemy go.
  • Key of the Mission(Eradicate Slavery)
    Your character has a personal mission that she must complete.
    • Gain 1 XP every time she takes action to complete this mission (2 XP if this action is successful.)
    • Gain 5 XP every time she takes action that completes a major part of this mission.
    • Buyoff: Abandon this mission.
  •  Key of Conscience

    Your character has a soft spot for those weaker than their opponents.
    • Gain 1 XP every time your character helps someone who cannot help themselves.
    • Gain 2 XP every time your character defends someone with might who is in danger and cannot save themselves.
    • Gain 5 XP every time your character takes someone in an unfortunate situation and changes their life to where they can help themselves.
    • Buyoff: Ignore a request for help. 



  • Secret of Mighty Blow
  • Secret of Forest Transport
  • Secret of Enhancement (Spear)
  • Secret of Jinx
  • Secret if Signature Weapon (Spear)



  • Endure(V) - 2
  • Resist(R) - 1
  • React(I) - 1
  • Tree-bond(I) - 1
  • Spear(V) - 3
  • Rough crafts(V) - 1
  • First aid(R) - 1
  • Camouflage (I) - 2
  • Streetwise (R) - 2
  • Dueling (V) - 1

== Advances == 

  • Increase Reason
  • Increase spear to master
  • Increase Camouflage 1
  • Key of Conscience
  • Secret of Enhancement
  • Increase Vigor pool 1
  • Secret of Jinx
  • Dueling to 1
  • Secret of Signature Weapon for 1 advance
  • Streetwise to 2 (for 2 advances)


== Gear == 

  • Spear
  • Vest armor (+1)


== Notes ==

- Riverside (black market town)

- House Lee Jet ordered the con on us

- mention Donna to Neal

- Sonny, House Lee

- Bruce will connect me to a source who knows Jets house in return for a favor

- Jets house has a catacomb containing a group of blood drinkers that guard the catacombs

- Jet has a tiger in the garden at night; slaves are brought to him each night



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